Christian churches in China sent request to ministers

The Chinese constitution guarantees freedom of religious confession, but in recent months about dozens of members of Christian churches was arrested. From seventy million Christians in China, about 50 million Christians belong to non-registered groups, while others belong to churches that were approved by the state.

The leaders of the 17 unofficial Christian churches in China have sent an application to political leaders to defend their right to religious confession. The application was submitted to the Parliament that requires the question of the relationship towards the members of Christian church Shouwang. The reason for this request was the decision of the government  to ban Christians in China to worship in the open, which is clearly illustrated by the example of the church Shouvang, one of the largest catacombe churches in China.

Among the rightless Christians in China, there are also Orthodox Christians. The Chinese Orthodox Church, in 1956 was granted autonomy from the Moscow Patriarchate, practically immediately after the acquisition, the autonomy was abolished by the government pressure and the decades of isolation.Despite that, today in China there are a few officially registered Orthodox parishes. However, it is assumed that the number of Orthodox Christians in China is higher, and that many of them serve in house churches. On the website of f. Dionisyi Pozdnayev,repeatedly published photos of Orthodox priests to serve in such secret churches. 

Source: Pravoslavie