Increase in pupils at the Achillopouleios School in Cairo

An increase in pupils was recorded by the Achillopouleios School in Cairo, with the first bell welcoming 54 children this year, when 50 Egyptian pupils attended classes last year (both in elementary school and kindergarten).

This means an increase of 7.4%, which indicates that the dynamics of the pupils of the purely Greek elementary school of the Greek Community in Cairo is increasing despite the general shrinking of Egyptian Hellenism.

At the same time, pupils’ attendance remains high at Cairo’s Ampetios School, with 53 pupils enrolled this year, compared to 59 pupils, last year. In the Greek community of Alexandria at the Tositseio School, the number of pupils remained virtually the same as last year, from 18 children enrolled in 2018 to 17 children in 2019, while the Averofio High School reduced its pupils from 32 to 29.

A total of 153 pupils are now enrolled for the new school year in Egypt and the Greek Schools of the Nile, while 159 were enrolled last year, with a drop of 3.8%.

“Think of yourselves as very lucky to be studying at Achillopouleios and the Cairo’s Ampetios School, two great and historic schools that had so many personalities graduating from there.” With this phrase, the Patriarchal Commissioner of Cairo, Metropolitan Nicodemus of Memphis, began his speech, in the sanctification, while conveying the wishes and blessings of Patriarch of Alexandria Theodore for a good and blessed school year.