The new Consul General of Greece in Jerusalem visits the Patriarchate

On Thursday, August 21/September 3, 2020, the New Consul General of Greece in Jerusalem, Vlioras visited the Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem on the occasion of the undertaking of his new duties. Vlioras was accompanied by the Vice Consul Christina Zacharioudaki.  On this visit Vlioras informed Patriarch Theophilos on his intention to continue the established cooperation of the Greek Consulate of Jerusalem with the Patriarchate and asked His blessing and guidance for the accomplishment of this aim.

Patriarch Theophilos also expressed His intention on any good cooperation and wished Vlioras success in his high national and diplomatic mission.

On this occasion, Patriarch Theophilos offered Vlioras and Zaharioudaki an icon of Theotokos, the book written by the memorable Archbishop Chrysostomos Papadopoulos of Athens  “The History of the Church of Jerusalem” and the book written by the memorable John Tlel, “I am Jerusalem”, while Vlioras offered Patriarch Theophilos a very beautiful Byzantine Icon of Theotokos.