Develop virtue in those who are entrusted to you

 His Holiness Porfirije, Serbian Patriarch,  opened a two-day professional convention in Zagreb for educators, teachers and professional associates of the Serbian national minority in preschool institutions, primary and secondary schools, on 27 August 2021.

The convention is being held at the Serbian Orthodox Secondary School Katarina Kantakuzina Brankovic. The Patriarch wished all participants in the educational process a happy and blessed school year. He expressed hope for the absence of temptations that hindered last year and emphasized to the gathered participants the importance of the educational process for the development of virtues. -Education is the development of those potentials that we carry within us, which are not exclusively pragmatic in nature but concern the overall personality. It also concerns the child's inner world. Develop virtue in those who are entrusted to you, the Patriarch said.

On the occasion of the anniversary of Patriarch German of blessed repose

His Grace Bishop Georgije of Canada and the elected Bishop Justin of Hvosno  celebrated the Holy Liturgy and the commemoration on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the death of the Serbian Patriarch German in the St. Mark Church in Belgrade, on August 27, 2021.

German Djoric, Serbian Patriarch (1958-1990; †1991)

Patriarch German was born on August 7, 1899 in Jošanička Banja to father Mihailo and mother Cveta. His father was a teacher and later he was ordained to the rank of deacon and presbyter. He was baptized as Hranislav. He studied elementary school in Velika Drenova and Kruševac, and he started the ninth grade seminary in Belgrade and finished in Sremski Karlovci in 1921. He studied law in Paris for a while, and then enrolled at the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade, graduating in 1942.

Prayer farewell of Zoran Vucevic

On Thursday, August 26, 2021, His Grace Bishop Irinej of Backa participated in the great hall of the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, at the commemoration of the newly departed Zoran Vucevic, the former President of the Assembly of the City of Novi Sad.

In his address at the commemoration, His Grace Bishop Irinej, among other things, pointed out that the newly departed Zoran Vucevic had the virtues of faith in God, loyalty to his Mother Church, and that he is credited for the existence of Patron Saint-day of the city of Novi Sad. Then Bishop Irinej of Backa presented the Order of St. Simeon the Myrrh-bearer to Mrs. Gordana Vucevic, wife of the newly ordained Zoran Vucevic, with which the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church posthumously awarded him for his active love for the Holy Mother Church. especially shown by his selfless contribution to the improvement of relations between the Diocese of Backa and the City of Novi Sad and the commitment to establish the feast of the Restoration of the Church of St. George the Great Martyr as the Patron Saint-day of the City of Novi Sad.

The Patriarch Porfirije, through "Privrednik", helps students in Croatia

His Holiness Porfirije, Serbian Patriarch donated sufficient funds for the ten annual student scholarships to the Serbian Business Association Privrednik from Zagreb

One of the oldest Serb organizations in Croatia, the Serbian Business Association Privrednik from Zagreb, in the past school/academic year awarded scholarships to a total of 80 talented students from all over Croatia, mostly from neglected and economically underdeveloped areas.

Bishop Lavrentije: A life dedicated to God and Saint Sava

His Grace Bishop Lavrentije of Sabac  turned 63 years old in a monastic robe and 54 years of the episcopal ministry - in the eight centuries long history of the Serbian Orthodox Church, this is the longest tenure of a bishop

On the day of the Holy Martyr Archdeacon Lavrentije, August 23, 2021, in the spacious spiritual and cultural center of the Diocese of Sabac, in Sabac, in the church of St. Sava, the endowment of Bishop Lavrentije, special ceremonies were organized to mark the namesday after consecration of the oldest Serbian hierarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church. First, at 9 o'clock, the solemn Hierarchical Liturgy was celebrated, and then the slava cake was blessed. Bishop Lavrentije thanked the present people and the clergy for the greetings, sending blessings to the church fullness of the entire Sabac diocese.

29 years of the episcopal ministry of Bishop Pahomije

On the feast day of Holy Martyr and Archdeacon Laurentius, 23 August 2021, on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the introduction to the throne of Bishops of Vranje, His Grace Bishop Pahomije celebrated the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy in the monastery of Venerable Prohor of Pcinja. 

Their Graces Bishops Teodosije of Raska-Priznren and Kiril of Buenos Aires and South America with the clergy of the Diocese of Vranje concelebrated to the Bishop.