Restitution of 1000 Hectares of Land o the Kovilj Monastery


The director of the Serbian Restitution Directorate, Mr. Vladimir Todorovic, said that 1000 hectares of land that had been taken away after WWII have been returned to the Kovilj Monastery. Mr. Todorovic pointed out for the Novi Sad based newspaper “Gradjanski list’’ that this represented one of the nine decisions brought so far on the restitution of church property.

He added that, by the end of last year, churches and religious communities in Serbia had filed 813 requests for the restitution of their property.

Mr. Todorovic stated in particular that “The Serbian Orthodox Church has filed the highest number of requests, a total of 632, followed by the Roman-Catholic Church which has filed 83 requests, the Jewish Community follows with57 requests filed, the Reformed Church with 11, the Islamic Community with 3, the Romanian Orthodox Church with 18, the Evangelical Church with 3, the Baptist Church filed 1 request, and all other religious communities a total of 5 requests”.