Sixth anniversary of the March pogrom marked by commemoration in Kosovo Polje

His Grace Bishop Atanasije today served in a crowded church of St. Nicholas in Kosovo Polje a commemoration of the victims of the March pogrom in Kosovo and Metohia. This church was torched during the March pogrom 2004 and then it was restored. Bishop Atanasije addressed the present faithfu with words of hope and encouragement.

Bishop Atanasije, who served in the previous weeks in a few churches that were destroyed or damaged, a then restored,  announced that on Saturday he will serve in the temple of the Mother of God the Ljeviska in Prizren.

Pogrom, which is now marked in many churches of the Serbian Orthodox Church, started on March 17, 2004. , when in the three-day attacks of the Albanian extremists 4000 Serbs was expelled from the Serbian enclaves, 19 people killed , 35 Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries and over 800 Serbian homes destroyed and burned .

Source: Diocese of Raska-Prizren