Survey shows 64% of Russians trust Orthodox Church

More than half of Russians trust in the Russian Orthodox Church, according to data from a recent survey from the Public Opinion Foundation, reports RIA-Novosti.

According to the survey, 64% of respondents consider themselves Orthodox, 8% Muslim, and 22% consider themselves unbelievers. Overall, 64% trust the Russian Orthodox Church, while 19% expressed their distrust. 51% expressed trust for Patriarch Kirill, and 21% distrust. In addition, 69% of respondents said their attitude towards the Russian Church has not changed in recent years, while 12% said their attitude has either improved or worsened.

According to the data, 47% believe that the Russian Church currently has a positive effect on society, 21% believe it has no effect, and 10% believe it has a negative impact. 35% believe the Orthodox Church has at times intervened in spheres of public life that it should not, while 29% stated they have noticed not such interference.

Speaking of the impact of the Russian Church on Russian authorities, 29% do not believe the Church has an influence, 25% believe it has a minor influence, and 16% a major influence. 44% are positive about the Church’s influence on culture, and 33% are negative. 61% of respondents believe the public authorities should consider the Russian Church’s position as much as the position of other public organizations.

The Public Opinion Foundation’s poll was conducted November 4-5 in 104 localities with 1,500 respondents.