Ornaments of Serbian medieval frescoes

The Museum of Applied Art stages the exhibition “Memory Update – Ornaments of Serbian Medieval Frescoes” on the 6th of November 2013 to mark this year’s anniversary of its founding. The exhibition will be open until 31st January 2014.

An interest in ornament as particular visual and semantic, as well as a linguistic phenomenon becomes more and more increasing in the visualization world of all segments of modern communication. An ornament is often used as a decoration, a pattern, a decorative detail in applied art and architecture but it also bears a broadest span of symbolical, culturological and religious meanings that are susceptible to various analyses and even mathematical reading and interpretation.

Serbian Patriarch Irinej at 58th International Belgrade Book Fair

His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, attended yesterday the opening of the stand of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija at the 58th International Belgrade Book Fair

The stand of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija was opened by President of the Government of the Republic of Serbia Mr. Ivica Dacic, President of the Assembly of Serbia Mr. Nebojsa Stefanovic and Minister without Portfolio in the Government of the Republic of Serbia responsible for Kosovo and Metohija Mr. Aleksandar Vulin. Among attendees, there were also Their Graces Bishops Teodosije of Raska-Prizren and Atanasije of Bihac-Petrovac. His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch addressed the present.

Holy Emperor Constantine and the Edict of Milan

In 2013 Christian world celebrates 1700 years since the day when the Providence of God spoke through the holy Emperor Constantine and freedom was given to the Christian faith. Commemorating the 1700 years since the Edict of Milan of 313, Sebastian Press of the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church published a book by Bishop Athanasius Yevtich, Holy Emperor Constantine and the Edict of Milan. The book has 72 pages and was translated by Popadija Aleksandra Petrovich. This excellent overview of the historical circumstances that lead to the conversion of the first Christian emperor and to the publication of a document that was called "Edict of Milan", was originally published in Serbian by the Brotherhood of St. Simeon the Myrrh-gusher, Vrnjci 2013. “The Edict of Milan” is calling on civil authorities everywhere to respect the right of believers to worship freely and to express their faith publicly.

Promotion of ​the Book of Poetry by Jovan Dučić

 Promotion of ​the Book of Poetry by Jovan Dučić
 Promotion of ​the Book of Poetry by Jovan Dučić
 Promotion of ​the Book of Poetry by Jovan Dučić
 Promotion of ​the Book of Poetry by Jovan Dučić

The Serbian Cultural Centre in Paris on Friday evening, October 11, 2013, hosted an extraordinary event. A promotion of ​the ​book of poetry by Jovan Dučić and an exhibition of unpublished Dučić correspondence was organized by book publishers in cooperation with the Serbian Cultural Centre in Paris.

This is a major cultural event of the year because we are marking the seventieth anniversary of Dučić's death by issuing the first bilingual edition translations of poems in French of this prince of Serbian poetry. About the book spoke: literary critic Slavko Maleševic, editor of this edition Ljubomir Mihajlovic, the publisher Bishop Maxim Vasiljevic, a poet Komnen Bećirović, while actor Sasha Petronijević Dučićevu read poetry in French and Serbian.

National Art Museum presents Orthodox exhibition

The Orthodox exhibition is dedicated to the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus.

 The image of Christ in iconography has never been so widely and fully represented in Belarus. 9 museums from Belarus, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine present two hundred images depicting the life of Jesus Christ from Nativity to Ascension.

The oldest of the Orthodox icons is the Russian one dated to the 15th century. It is represented by the State Tretyakov Gallery and the private museum of Russian Icons in Moscow. The Kiev’s icon dates back to 16th century. For the first time the exhibition features the Balkan region.