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May 19, 2004


On the Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord (Vaznesenje Gospodnje Spasovdan), on May 20, 2004, His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle with serve Holy Archierchal Liturgy in the Church of the Ascension of Our Lord at Admiral Geprata Street 19.

On the occasion of the celebration of the patron saint's day of the City of Belgrade and the Church of the Ascension of Our Lord, His Holiness will cut the slava cake for the Belgrade City Assembly and the Church of the Ascension of Our Lord.

The festal religious procession will start in front of the Church of the Ascension of Our Lord at 11:30 a.m., pass through the city to the Orthodox Cathedral, and return following the same route.

We invite all residents of Belgrade to celebrate their city patron saint's day by attending Holy Liturgy and taking part in the festal procession.


A promotion of commemorative postage stamps dedicated to the completion of construction of St. Sava Cathedral was prepared on May 19, 2004 in the parish home of St. Sava Cathedral in Vracar (Belgrade). Participating in the promotion were His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral, the president of the Council for the Building of St. Sava of the Holy Assembly of Bishops; master builder professor Dr. Vojislav Milovanovic; Mr. Slobodan Mileusnic, the director of the Serbian Orthodox Church Museum; Mr. Milan Jankovic, the director of Jugomarka; and protojerej stavrofor Stevan Vlacic, the church priest of St. Sava Cathedral.

Master builder professor Dr. Vojislav Milovanovic thanked all the workers and others who invested many years of effort and work in building the heritage cathedral. Mr. Slobodan Mileusnic emphasized that the spirit of St. Sava has spread throughout the world and is embodied in churches dedicated to St. Sava and that postage stamps, too, bear his message to every corner of the planet. This is not the first organized effort of this type; the national postal service PTT and Jugomarka have already issued several series of commemorative postage stamps.

Mr. Milan Jankovic, the director of Jugomarka, emphasized that the 1,300,000 stamps are to be issued and that will be a means of collecting significant revenue to help in the interior appointment of the Cathedral.

His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije thanked the people who dedicated themselves to the building of the cathedral so that 110 years after the conception of the idea to build it, our Patriarch Pavle and the Ecumenical Patriarch formally opened its doors after reconsecration. It is a great blessing that the celebration marking the completion of work brought together the highest representatives of all Orthodox churches. St. Sava, whose holy relics were burned at this location so that he might disappear from the Earth and vanish from our memories, gathers around his dust, which has been transformed into this cathedral, all of his people.

The Metropolitan also thanked all those who built a part of themselves into the Cathedral: the builders, workers, architects, engineers, donors, as well as the journalists who kept the public informed, expressing the wish that "the Lord repay them with His gift, which is the Kingdom of Heaven".

Professor Dr. Vojslav Milovanovic also hailed Mr. Dusan Ckrebic, a man in the top rungs of power 20 years ago who nevertheless had the courage and strength to make the decision to continue building the cathedral when the request to do so was submitted.

Recognitions were then awarded to journalists and builders of the cathedral.

At the closing of the promotion, protojerej stavrofor Stevan Vlacic, who has been church priest of the Cathedral for the past 22 years, said: "We thank God and St. Sava for granting us the honor to be the ones who completed this Cathedral."


A formal spiritual academy dedicated to the work and image of the late Avva Justin Popovich organized by the Srpski sabor DVERI (Serbian Assembly of the Portal) was held on May 18, 2004, in the large auditorium of the Syndicate Hall.

Speaking at the spiritual academy were His Grace Bishp Irinej of Backa, His Grace Bishop Artemije of Raska and Prizren, His Grace Bishop Atanasije of Zahumlje and Herzegovina (retired) and His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral. The academy began with the introductory homily of Bishop Irinej, who spoke to those present regarding his personal experience of Avva Justin, who was his spiritual father and teacher for many years.

Bishop Artemije then spoke of Father Justin's contributions to contemporary Serbian and Orthodox culture and Bishop Atanasije Jeftic spoke about the real and the pragmatic in the person and works of the Blessed Father. His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije then made an excellent presentation in which he combined his own memories of Avva Justin, whom he called the greatest Serb of the 20th century, and Father Justin's liturgical contributions. The Metropolitan's speech concluded the two hour long ceremony before the overflowing auditorium of the Syndicate Hall.


Due to the main celebration of the Bicentennial of the Serbian Rebirth, the patron saint's day of the Belgrade Seminary, the memorial day of the Burning of the Holy Relics of St. Sava was celebrated this year on May 16, 2004. In keeping with the image of this eminent educational institution, the celebration was the occasion for a well-prepared program.

Guests were welcomed by a homily by Dr. Dragan Protic, the rector of the Seminary, while the presentation was made by protodeacon Milan Kovacevic. Participating in the musical part of the program were the St. Sava Seminary Choir, The Serbian Chamber Choir and the Rastko Choir, while poems by our poets were recited by Bosko Savic, Milorad Stevanovic and Andjelka Ristic. The soloists were deacon Nenad Radakovic and Vuk Jovanovic, and the choirs were directed by Djordje Pavlovic, Jasmina Bouali-Stanojkovic and Milan Milijanovic. The program itself was prepared by Zoran Raicevic, Milan Radovanovic and Milan Milijanovic.

Drawing the great attention of all those present was the exhibition of works by the students, whose demonstrated talents and efforts under the tutorship of Goran Janicijevic, professor of fresco painting at the Academy of Fresco Painting and Restoration of the Theological Faculty of the Serbian Orthodox Church, proved that the icon is a living expression of Christian faith.

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