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September 15, 2004


Disbelief and justified fear has been provoked among parents and educators in Novi Sad, Sremska Kamenica and Sremski Karlovci and surrounding locations after learning that the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica has received an anonymous letter with “a warning that should be taken seriously” saying that in the next 30 days a huge black mass will be organized in Novi Sad under the leadership of a grand master of the Satanist lodge where a child is to be sacrificed.

Those who are trying to minimize this incident by describing it as a sick joke are quite wrong. It is of some consolation that appropriate officials are conducting an investigation and increased security measures, especially in the Children’s Village itself.

Commenting on the incident, Presbyter Vladan Simic, secretary to His Grace the Bishop of Backa, made the following statement for Novi Sad’s TV Most on September 14, 2004:

“I learned of the contents of the threatening letter after reading an article in the Novi Sad Dnevnik (daily newspaper). On the basis of this information, all I can say is that unfortunately we are witnesses to an age when it is possible for someone to thus openly threaten children, who are the angels of God. We hope that the threats stated in the letter will not be realized and that Novi Sad security officials will succeed in vindicating the motto of the Novi Sad as the safe city.

“On the other hand, this is a reminder to us all, first of all, to state, provincial and city authorities that such groups or organizations should be taken seriously and confronted decisively. The best medicine against evil is good. This means that the state must help the missionary work of all traditional Churches and religious communities in our country. We have warned of the detrimental and dangerous nature of such and similar groups long before but at that time the position of the Church was largely dismissed as too conservative and unacceptable in a democracy. (!)

“We pray to God that the threats against children will not become reality, and that the children of Novi Sad, like all children in the world, remain happy and safe.”


The second Pokrov International Festival of Orthodox Film, Television and Radio Programs will be held from October 14-17, 2004 in Kiev. This festival will introduce all television and radio programs of Orthodox content. Several round table discussions on the theme of relations between the Church and media will also be held as part of the festival. Participants in the festival will include both state and independent radio and television stations from the Ukraine and all countries throughout the world.

The first International Festival of Orthodox Film, Television and Radio Programs was held in the monasteries of the Holy Dormition and the Kiev-Pecherska Lavra. Approximately 100 films and various programs on various topics affecting all spheres of Orthodox life were reviewed. Because the first festival drew much attention and was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the decision was made to hold it on a regular basis.

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