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December 10, 2004


Under the general sponsorship of His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral, the Jedinstvo Serbian Singing Society of Kotor celebrated its 165-year anniversary with a series of events held in Kotor.

In addition to the opening of an exhibition of artistic photographs of Kotor by academician Zdravko Velimirovic on November 24 in the Stari Grad Gallery, the website of the Society was also presented, as well as Professor Dr. Darko Antonic’s CD “Crtice” about the first composers and choir directors of the 19th century.

The Music Academy of Cetinje and the Music School of Kotor prepared a joint concert of classical music in the music hall of the church of the Holy Spirit on December 3 in honor of the anniversary of the second oldest Serbian singing society.

The Serbian Orthodox Church Museum also contributed to the marking of the 165-year anniversary of the Jedinstvo Singing Society with the exhibition Graphic Art of Chilandar in the Stari Grad Gallery in Kotor on December 4.

A formal academy held in the Kotor City Theatre began with the blessing and address of His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral. In his speech the Metropolitan pointed out the role and significance of the Jedinstvo Serbian Singing Society in the history of Kotor, Montenegro and Serbdom, emphasizing that the chronicles of the Society provide insight into the position of the Serbian people, their faith and Church over the past 165 years.


Protest walks through the streets of Niksic in defense of the Serbian language continued this evening. According to Dragana Todorovic, the spokesperson of the Council for the Defense of the Serbian Language in Niksic, it has become vulgar to mention the names of the creators of the Duklja project. However, she said, it is nevertheless necessary to once again say that an arrogant dictator has come to believe that his word is most important and decisive, not respecting the opinion of the people and trampling on God’s justice. Whoever thinks he can use language and intellect to compete against others carries within him an emptiness of soul. His name will be recorded with shame in history because the people do not agree with the decision of the Ministry of Education, Todorovic said at the protests.

Arsenije Vujovic of Niksic then addressed the gathered protesters, noting that his desire to speak springs from the fact that truth is the greatest passion of the human intellect, as well as that truth needs no introduction or repetition to those who have been gathering every evening but to those who have been spying on them. This truth should also be accepted by those in power who have set out to create a private state with new people, a different nation and the mother tongue, and it is: “As long as there are dignified and free-thinking citizens of Montenegro, this concept will not be realized because citizens know very well that freedom has no price.”

Speaking on behalf of the Association of Veterans, Slobodan Zugic, president, reflected on the March day when the remains of the heroes of Niksic who perished in the most recent wars were buried, and when Saka Petrovica Square was too small to accommodate all the citizens of Niksic and Montenegro who came to pay their respects. “I cannot help but also mention those who did not come,” said Zugic, “those who refused to come.”

I address you as one of you who has been sending a message through these daily protest walks that there can be no reconciliation with the intentions of those who are attacking our holy shrine, said Zoran Pavicevic. “In this very building I attended elementary school and learned of the beauty of our language and our culture of which I became exceptionally proud. For me personally, this building represents an inseparable part of the monastery of St. Basil of Ostrog. Both are turned with their faces toward heaven as if they both emerged at the same time from the East, whence the sun rises, to warm us,” said Pavicevic.

This evening instead of protest walks there will be a promotion of the magazine “The crucifixion of the Serbian language” in the 18. Septembar Conference Hall. The magazine was prepared by the Activist Group of Professors and Teachers of Serbian Language and Literature in the secondary and elementary schools in Niksic. The program will begin at 6:00 p.m. and Niksic secondary school professors involved in the preparation of the first issue of this periodical dedicated to the defense of the Serbian language will take part.



His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral received the head of the EU Monitoring Mission in Podgorica, Jan Hokas, and monitor Mario Drangel upon their request on December 9, 2004 in Cetinje. They discussed current topics of interest for our country and the European Union. After a long and sincere discussion the joint conclusion was that there should be more such meetings in the future because they contribute to a better understanding of the present, and are important for the implementation of European standards in this region.



His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral received the Consul of the Russian Federation in Montenegro, Mr. Yuri Bichkov, for a farewell visit on December 9, 2004. Emphasis was placed on satisfaction with past cooperation and the wish that the next representative of Russia in Montenegro will contribute to maintaining the existing brotherly relations between the two peoples. The Metropolitan wished Mr. Bichkov success in his new duties.



Serbian president Boris Tadic called on all people of good will to actively participate in the process of the restoration of the Orthodox cathedral in Mostar, once the biggest Orthodox cathedral in the Balkans before its destruction. “As president of Serbia, I will do everything possible to restore the Orthodox cathedral and I will try to engage people who have the economic potential and can contribute to the restoration of this church,” said Tadic during his visit to the ruins of the Mostar cathedral.

The Serbian president emphasized that the city of Mostar existed and must exist as a trinity comprised of Orthodox and Catholic churches, and mosques, as eternal symbols, including the Old Bridge.

Source: Politika, December 9, 2004


A new partnership between Vlade Divac, star center for the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, and International Orthodox Christians Charities (IOCC) will expand the humanitarian assistance going to the suffering people of Kosovo. Divac, a native of the former Yugoslavia, is offering to match private donations to IOCC's Kosovo project of up to $50,000.

Renewed violence in the spring of 2004 and a precarious security situation have resulted in uncertainty, suffering and displacement for thousands of people in Kosovo. From its office in Belgrade, IOCC brought humanitarian relief to more than 1,000 people, including children, who sought refuge in Gracanica, Kosovo Polje, Lipljan and other areas immediately after the March 2004 outbreak of violence.

In addition to helping those recently displaced, IOCC has been providing assistance to thousands of people who fled Kosovo for other parts of Serbia after the 1999 NATO bombing campaign. Through an extensive network of local partners, IOCC provides legal assistance, counseling, vocational training and up-to-date information to people (Serbs, Roma Gypsies and other minorities) who have not yet returned to their pre-1999 homes in Kosovo.

In addition, IOCC grants to the historic High Decani and Holy Archangels monasteries, both in Kosovo, will enable them to have heat for the 2004-2005 winter and meet the needs of nearby residents. During past conflicts in Kosovo, monasteries have assisted their surrounding communities – Serbian and Albanian – and sheltered the victims of violence.

Since 1997, IOCC and Divac have worked together to bring humanitarian and self-help programs to the people of the former Yugoslavia. To learn more about this program and other IOCC humanitarian programs in the former Yugoslavia, including Kosovo, please visit

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