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December 16, 2004


On December 14, 2004 on his way to Kosovo and Metohija, His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral visited the youth detention and correctional facility in Valjevo and on that occasion delivered a lecture on the theme “Do not do unto others what you would not have done unto you” to the young wards and staff. The lecture drew a great deal of attention and represented the first such gathering in a detention and correctional facility and the first such address by a senior church dignitary to the wards of such a facility.

After his visit to the youth detention and correctional facility in Valjevo, Metropolitan Amfilohije then visited the monastery of Chelije where he venerated the tomb of Father Justin of Chelije and Vranje of blessed repose. The same evening the Metropolitan visited the brotherhood of the monastery of Sopocani and venerated the relics of the Holy Unmercenary Physicians and the relics of the founder of this monastery, King Uros I of Serbia.

On the feast of the Holy Emperor Uros of Serbia and St. Joanikije of Devic, December 15, 2004, Metropolitan Amfilohije officiated at the Holy Hierarchal Liturgy served in the monastery of Devic in Kosovo and Metohija.

Concelebrating with the Metropolitan were Bishops Artemije of Raska and Prizren, Atanasije of Zahumlje and Herzegovina (retired), Teodosije of Lipljan, the abbot of Visoki Decani Monastery, and Maksim of Hum, with the concelebration of eight priests and two deacons. During the Liturgy Metropolitan Amfilohije delivered a sermon to the faithful who gathered, many of whom partook in the Holy Eucharist. This year the faithful gathered from all parts of Serbia and Montenegro to celebrate the feast of the God-pleasing Joanikije of Devic together with the sisterhood of this holy family headed by Mother Anastasija.

During the March pogrom Devic Monastery was attacked by Albanian terrorists and almost leveled with the ground. By the grace of God, the monastery is being resurrected. Thanks to the efforts of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren and the monastery administration, the church has been covered, and the old refectory restored where a festal banquet was served to the guests after Holy Liturgy. The slava cake was cut in honor of the feast day and in memory of St. Joanikije of Devic. During the luncheon, guests were welcomed by host Bishop Artemije as well as Bishop Atanasije, who expressed gratitude to the French KFOR general responsible for this sector.

After the banquet, a meeting was held of the Committee for Kosovo of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church chaired by His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije. Upon returning to Montenegro, Metropolitan Amfilohije visited the monastery of the Holy Trinity in Mastorovina near Bijelo Polje and wished the elder of this restored holy shrine, Hieromonk Joanikije, a happy name as well as congratulating him on his elevation to the office of abbot, received the same day during Holy Hierarchal Liturgy from His Grace Bishop Joanikije of Budimlje and Niksic.

Source: Svetigora Press


His Grace Bishop Joanikije of Budimlje and Niksic served Holy Hierarchal Liturgy on December 15, 2004 with the concelebration of the clergy and monks of Berane, Andrijevici, Bijelo Polje and Mojkovac administrative offices of the Diocese of Budimlje and Niksic in the monastery of Majstorovina near Bijelo Polje. During Holy Liturgy, Bishop Joanikije elevated Hieromonk Joanikije (Zindovic) to the office of abbot of this monastery. Following Holy Hierarchal Liturgy a brotherly meeting of the clergy and monks of the aforementioned administrative offices of the Diocese was held. Taking part in this gathering was the spiritual leader of the clergy of this Diocese, Archimandrite Varnava, the elder of the monastery of Prevlaka.

Source: Svetigora Press

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