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December 28, 2004


The Diocese of Backa wishes to express its support for the protection of conifers and the appeal of the Green Youth of Serbia not to purchase cut conifers for the New Year holiday.

The Diocese wishes to remind Orthodox faithful and all people of good will that the protection of the environment and concern for the world we live in is one of the holy tasks of every individual and society as a whole. Preserving the creation of God and taking care of it is one of the fundamental principles not only of ecology but also of the Christian faith.

Therefore, we join in the proposal of the Green Youth of Serbia that if a tree is to be taken into the home for celebrating New Year’s, it should be a potted plant that can be planted and thus saed at the end of the holiday.

From the Office of the Diocese of Backa


On Sunday, December 26, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. in the large auditorium of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad a formal academy took place whereby the Orthodox Diocese of Backa commemorated the bicentennial of the First Serbian Uprising.

His Grace Bishop Irinej of Backa addressed the eminent guests, clergy and the many people who gathered for the occasion at the beginning of the program, explaining that the Diocese of Backa was organizing this special commemoration for two reasons: “All of us in the Diocese of Backa are guided by a sense of the need to emphasize and highlight the echo of Karadjordje’s uprising among the Serbs north of the Sava and Danube Rivers, who were then subjects of the Hapsburg monarchy, as well as their cry of uprising and sacrifice for the honorable Cross and golden freedom, and their actual participation in the uprising. At the same time the focus of our attention is on the unique and charming personality of my long-ago predecessor on the throne of the Bishop of Backa, Bishop Jovan Jovanovic, a well-known advocate, propagator and supporter of the participants in the uprising, Metropolitan Stefan Stratimirovic and other figures.” Bishop Irinej went on to note that a scientific conference and other events casting light on these dimensions of the Uprising would continue in the Diocese of Backa in 2005.

Mrs. Dina Colic-Andjelkovic was the hostess of the formal academy. In addition to the Sv. Jovan Krstitelj (St. John the Baptist) church choir from Backa Palanka, the Kovilja Monastery brotherhood choir, and the Mojsije Petrovic Serbian-Byzantine choir from Belgrade, participants in the program included the vocal and instrumental groups Moba and Iskon, and nine year-old gusle player Blagoje Sojic of Vrbas, who performed “Pocetak bune na dahije” (describing the beginning of the rebellion against the Turkish governors) with his father, Radovan. Actor Vladimir Balascak recited the poem “The dedication to the ashes of the father of Serbia” by Njegos, and actor Marko Nikolic brought Karadjordje closer to the audience by portraying the great leader at the time of the Uprising. Actress Vesna Cipcic traced the history of the Uprising citing Vladimir Corovic’s “History of the Serbs”, vividly depicting the events of the period such as the slaughter of the dukes, the election of the Leader and the murder of Karadjordje, among others.

On behalf of the Diocese of Backa, Mrs. Colic Andjelkovic thanked the Serbian National Theatre for its hospitality, TV Novi Sad for broadcasting the event, and reminded all present that the celebration of the Uprising will continue in the Diocese of Backa next year

Presbyter Vladan Simic

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